Challenges Of Using An Insulin Pump

infusion set insulin pump

The pump is a device that’s worn on the body and delivers insulin into the subcutaneous tissue, which is the layer of fat that lies just below the skin. This infusion provides high-density insulin levels in a small area to mimic what happens when you eat carbohydrates or protein.

Skin Reactions

A few different things can cause skin reactions. The first is your infusion set, the tube that connects your infusion set insulin pump to your body. Tandem Diabetes experts say, “Insulin flows from the insulin pump through thin, flexible tubing.” The second is the type of insulin you use and how you use it.

Some people have an allergy to human insulin, for example, NPH or Lente, which are made from pig pancreas and cow pancreas. The third cause is how you care for your skin after applying the infusion set: correct cleaning and disinfection of the site are important in preventing infections and other skin problems, such as rashes or boils, from occurring under its use.

Can Be Expensive and Cost Prohibitive

Insulin pumps are expensive. The average cost of an insulin pump is around $5,000.00, but this does not include the cost of supplies (needles and infusion sets). It also does not include the cost of healthcare professionals operating the pump or troubleshooting problems that may arise with it.

The Pumps Batteries Don’t Last Long

How are you going to make sure that your pump batteries are always charged? The problem is, insulin pumps aren’t like cell phones—you can’t just use any old battery to power them because of their need for a specific type of battery and the fact that the batteries don’t last very long.

The good news is that some companies specialize in making special chargers for insulin pump users. Still, they’re expensive and have limited lifespans (meaning you have to replace them every 3-6 months).

The Pump Failing or Malfunctioning

There are several reasons why your insulin pump might fail. First, it could be that the battery is dead or an issue with the software or hardware. The most common reason, however, is that something has gotten stuck in the tubing.

This can happen because you’re too close to a wall and have to reach over it to get something done, or maybe you accidentally hit some kind of object while walking around.

Need to Test Your Blood Sugar Often

There are many reasons why you should test your blood sugar. These include before meals, after meals, if you have an infection or illness and if you are sick. You will also need to test your blood sugar when taking insulin and when not. You must always keep your pump with you so you can use it whenever necessary.

There are many challenges that people encounter when using an insulin pump. It is important to remember that it takes time to get used to the pump, but once you have found your groove, it will be hard for anyone else to beat your level of comfort and happiness with this device.

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