Model Selection for CD3 Target in Bispecific Antibody Research

 As a pivotal surface marker present on T cells, The CD3 antigen plays a crucial role in T cell activation, proliferation, and other essential processes, rendering it a highly favored target for bispecific antibodies. GemPharmatech developed the BALB/c-hCD3EDG model carrying human CD3E, CD3D, CD3G and mouse Cd3e, Cd3d, Cd3g removed. The BALB/c-hCD3EDG mice successfully express human CD3E/CD3D/CD3G on the T cell surface and exhibit a normal immune system.

【Case Study: Preclinical in vivo efficacy evaluation of anti-CD3/CD20 BsAb

BALB/c-hCD3EDG mice (6-8weeks) were subcutaneously inoculated with murine lymphoma cell line A20-hCD20 cells. Mice were randomly grouped when the average tumor volume reached 90mm3 and divided into a vehicle group and an anti-hCD3/hCD20 (Mosunetuzumab analogue) treated group (n=6). The test article was administered twice every week for a total of 6 times.

Treatment of anti-hCD3/hCD20 showed significant tumor growth inhibition (TGI=81.46%, left). Mice from both groups showed overall good health as shown by their body weight (right). The results demonstrated that BALB/c-hCD3EDG mice are an excellent model for assessing the in vivo efficacy of human CD3-bispecific antibodies.

【Resources of TAA-humanized mice for toxicity research  

Strain Number Strain Name Availability Strain Number Strain Name Availability
T009819 BALB/c-hHER2 IF T057420 BALB/c-hCD73/hCD3EDG IF
T036851 BALB/c-hMSLN IF T058753 B6-hCEACAM5(BAC-TG) IF
T050041 BALB/c-hCD3/hMSLN IF T058817 BALB/c-hGPRC5D/hCD3EDG IF
T054078 BALB/c-hBCMA IF T058940 BALBc-hCD3EDG/hCD22 IF
T054196 BALB/c-hFLT3 IF T054279 BALB/c-hCLL1 RD
T054197 BALB/c-hCD22 IF T056080 BALB/c-hSSTR2 RD
T054198 BALB/c-hGPC3 IF T057498 BALB/c-hCD20 RD
T054537 BALB/c-hCD138 IF T057695 BALB/c-hSIGLEC6 RD
T055360 BALB/c-hGPRC5D IF T057818 BALB/cJGpt-hDLK1 RD
T056083 BALB/c-hLRRC15 IF T057819 BALB/c-hCD3/hCD5 RD
T056326 B6-hDLK1 IF T057924 BALB/c-hCD5 RD
T056521 B6-hCD5 IF

 GemPharmatech has an extensive collection of syngeneic cell lines, including murine-derived cells and genetic modification of the corresponding cells.

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