Know Gravity Bong Unfiltered THC

The gravity bong generates a perfect aromatic smoke that quenches your longer for a smoke. The smoke is produced by gravity, and pressures fill half of the base with water. Place dry cannabis on the bowl and slot it in at the joint of the neck of the pot. Once the smoke is activated, take away the bowl and inhale from the neck. It is the most creative and unique way of herb smoking. The gravity bong is the ultimate apparatus for weed smoking and has undergone many developments over the decades.

More Potent High

Gravity bong shots are the essence of bachelor parties and hookah bars, and their popularity is ever-growing. Earlier, there were many stigmas attached to cannabis, and it was not a social norm at parties. So smokers created their own devices. Household items were used to craft smoking devices, but the gravity bong is the definitive one. The working principle of the apparatus is simple, gravity pull and water pressure create the cannabis smoke. As it is a two-piece arrangement, the larger base holds the water a smaller chamber is inside to detain the smoke, thus producing more smoke than a regular bong. This smoking device gives you more potent high hits instantly.

King of Smoking Apparatus

Gravity bongs are known to produce powerful hits giving you a high experience. But with the luxurious smoking experience, there are tons of benefits. A gravity bong is the king of smoking apparatus. If you want a fast and furious smoking experience, it is the device. As the genera of bongs come with a larger chamber, it generates a whole lot of smoke. As there are no other outlets when you inhale, the jet of smoke reaches your lungs directly. You experience the ultimate high with fewer puffs and in less time. The experience is not immediate but potent too.

Different Entourage

Experiencing gravity bong shotsworth it? In a nutshell, absolutely yes, the experience is unique, and once you get acquainted with it, no other smoking apparatus will gratify you. Now gravity bongs come in different shapes and sizes. You have the rustic model as well the contemporary one. The wine bottle model is an impressive design and easy to use yet effective. The solid seal around the bowl makes a significant difference that produces enough suction to create adequate smoke to fill the chamber. When the bowl is lowered in the water, the smoke gushes out to fill your lungs. When smoke is unfiltered, the THC elements are present in the hit, and smoking cannabis has a different entourage than vaping or consuming it.

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