GZ Longest Launched Cryotherapy System to Expand Recovery Potential

The new cryotherapy system LGT-2410 has been designed to increase pain management and recovery options for orthopedic conditions and sports injuries, improve efficiency, and expand recovery potential.

Guangzhou Longest (GZ Longest) is a leading Chinese physiotherapy & rehabilitation equipment manufacturer, delivering solutions to orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, neurological rehabilitation, and aesthetic medicine. At China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), it officially introduced its new cryotherapy system LGT-2410, expanding the range of solutions in early intervention of orthopedic care and sports injuries.

The new Cryotherapy system LGT-2410 combines the effects of cold and pressure, delivering a much more efficient ice therapy using hyperbaric CO2 gas. In the cylinder, the CO2 liquid is pressurized; when the valve is open, the gas streams out and hits the skin at a temperature of -78℃ and a pressure of 50 bars, rapidly lowering the skin temperature to between 4℃ and 2℃ in mere 30 seconds.

The abrupt change of temperature causes neuro reflexes in the body

  1. Causing the surface blood vessels to constrict and then the deeper vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow and lymph circulation in the treated area, promoting the removal of extra fluid, toxins, and metabolic waste from the body to decrease inflammation and swelling.
  2. Stimulating sensors in the skin to promote the releasing endorphins to relieve pain.
  3. Slowing down the flow of neuromuscular chemicals, reducing the activities of motor nerves, and decreasing muscular tone and contractions to relieve spasms and pain.

The system offers an effective early intervention treatment of acute injuries. It helps immediately reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain, effectively controlling the symptoms, is good for further treatment, and provides better care and experience for the patients.

Operating at Ease: Visible, Safe, and Precise

Designed with an intuitive full touch screen, the Cryotherapy system LGT-2410 provides a clear view of key information for the healthcare provider. In addition to a real-time temperature display on the screen, the handpiece is designed with a small screen to show the temperature and treatment duration so that the medical personnel can receive real-time feedback for timely adjusting the treatment, even from meters away, helping facilitate precise and safe operations.

The straightforward function design and the pre-programmed image guidance make the treatment easy to learn, reducing the costs of training and risks associated with the implementation. Medical personnel new to it can get comfortable and confident applying it for the treatments quickly.

Powerful & Versatile in Applications

  • Speed Up Recovery & Improve Athletic Performance

It is ideal for elite athletes and pro teams to promote muscle and injury recovery and get back in the game faster. Cryotherapy system LGT-2410 helps the body recover after intense exercise by flushing out lactic acid and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

  • Manage Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Cryotherapy system LGT-2410 cools the skin temperature down to between 4℃ and 2℃ in mere 30 seconds, helping reduce inflammation and edema, oxidative stress, and nerve conduction velocity in pain fibers, which ultimately helps achieve pain reduction. It is shown promising results for helping patients with chronic pain get relief and patients after surgery recover faster and better.

  • Amazingly Effective in Skin Rejuvenation

While cryotherapy has long played a role in helping the recovery of musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries, it is also growing in popularity in aesthetics. The treatment is like tricking the skin into thinking that there is a wound. It then produces more collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. The more collagen there is, the tauter and less wrinkly the skin looks. Besides, intense cold stimulates the body to boost its metabolic rate to increase heat production, which helps calories-burning.

Together with ESWT to Expand Recovery Potential

Cryotherapy provides instant pain relief and reduces inflammation and swelling, controlling the condition effectively. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) can help promote the healing of injuries, but it may cause pain during treatment. Therefore, using cryotherapy during ESWT can significantly reduce pain and speed up recovery, providing patients with the ultimate experience.

Remarkable Features of GZ Longest’s Cryotherapy system LGT-2410

  1. Skin temperature real-time monitoring.
  2. Automatically stop when the skin temperature is below -1℃ for patient safety concerns.
  3. Rapid cooling to 2-4℃ in mere 30 seconds.
  4. At least twice lower consumable costs.
  5. Small screen displaying real-time temperature and the remaining treatment time on the handpiece, allowing healthcare providers to correct the treatment timely, even meters away from the equipment.
  6. VAS score record to track the treatment progress and effectiveness.
  7. Pre-programmed use guidance, friendly to beginners.
  8. Handpiece is specially designed with the function of anti-frosting.

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