An Overview of the Orthodontic issues and How it is Handled

The perfect oral health is something that everyone wishes for today. Even though regular dental visits are done, and all instructions are followed, people still suffer from misaligned teeth at one point or another. Left untreated, it can lead to many issues, including jaw problems.

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Teeth Problems

Here are some of the commonly diagnosed teeth problems in almost everyone today.

· Teeth Crowding

As the name says, this is a problem where more than one tooth has sprouted from a single root and irregularly occupied the available space in the gum. The best way of handling this issue is with braces for at least three years.

· Underbite

This condition occurs when the upper jaw is overlapped by the lower jaw, resulting in the outward protrusion of teeth from the lower jaw. It is noticed in children who have prolonged thumb-sucking habits.

The best way to handle this issue is with the help of braces. Sometimes, dentists suggest pulling out some teeth to allow the new teeth to grow in proper shape.

· Open Bite

The issue of open bite is noticed in people who have restricted the growth of their teeth to their standard size.  The patient’s front teeth do not come in contact with the lower teeth because of the gap.

A special set of braces is the right solution for this problem. Palate expanders are also suggested for some people to reshape the jawbone. However, some conditions might require surgery.

· Overjet

Overjet is the condition of the front teeth protruding above the lower teeth. Such patients require treatment in two phases: the jaws are allowed to grow harmoniously in the first phase, and the teeth are aligned in the second one. Only proper treatment can cure this issue.

· Crossbite

Crossbite is a dental condition where the dental line from the lower jaw appears to protrude above the teeth from the upper jawline. This condition is noticed in only a particular set of teeth.

Dentists suggest retainers, braces, elastic bands, or palate expanders to address this issue.

· Teeth Spacing

Some people suffer from spaces between each tooth, which is accompanied by various other problems.

Dentists suggest special-glued retainers to keep the teeth with spaces glued to each other, along with the installation of braces.

· Hypodontia

Hypodontia is when a child fails to develop a regular number of teeth even after completing three years. The reasons for this condition include trauma, genetics, infection, etc.

This issue will take care of itself in some children when they lose their milk teeth. However, some children might require unique orthodontic treatments to prevent this problem from developing further.

Every child is strictly advised to check their teeth at least after they turn 7. The dentists can diagnose everything from scratch and check whether anything should be rectified or realigned before it is too late.

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